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Passive FTP a replacement for MS DOS

Passive FTP is a little replacement for the standard ftp program that's shipped with windows, we've completely rewritten our ftp application so it uses all the same features as the windows ftp program but in passive mode, meaning you don't need to change a thing.

Passive FTP Features

Check out all the features of our little passive FTP program.

Passive vs Active FTP

What is passive FTP? what is Active FTP? our little guide will take you through the differences between these two standards.

Screenshots & Download

View screenshots of our passive ftp program and download the program itself.

FAQ - Questions and Answers

Will Passive-FTP replace my standard windows FTP.exe program?
Yes! Passive FTP is designed as a direct replacement for FTP.exe and should work just as good but in passive mode. Note, you don't have to replace ftp.exe if you don't want, you can run both ftp.exe and PassiveFTP.exe on the same machine.

Can I use the MPUT *. and the MGET *. command?
Yes! Passive FTP works the same as FTP.exe so using mput *.xml will work fine and mget *.xml will work too.

Can I use the MDELETE *. command?
Yes! Passive FTP works the same as FTP.exe so using mdelete *.xml will work fine.

Can I use PassiveFTP.exe with .bat files?
Yes! you can use PassiveFTP.exe with .bat files to shedule uploads / download or any other way that you might use ftp.exe, anything you can do with ftp.exe you can do with PassiveFTP.exe

Can I use the -s:myscript.txt command?
Yes! Passive FTP supports the -s:myscript.txt command and works exactly the same as FTP.exe would.

what other commands does passive ftp support?
Passive FTP supports just about all the commands that FTP.exe does, mget, mput, put, get, delete, binary, ascii, rmdir, open, rename, promt, disconnect, cd, dir, rmdir, and lots more see the Passive FTP Features page for more information

Will Passive FTP work for my solution?
This is hard to say without knowing what you require but we can say that Passive FTP works exactly the same as ftp.exe so anything you can do with ftp.exe you should be able to do with passiveFTP.exe also Passive FTP has been downloaded thousands of times by some very large companies who were having trouble due to active FTP being disabled on their firewall. We are very confident that this solution will work for you, If you do have any problems please do get in touch

Can I use passive FTP on any version of windows?
Yes! Passive FTP works on any version of windows including windows 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 2003, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 and all server editions of windows!

How much is passive FTP and where can I download it?
Passive FTP is just $29.99 and you can download it here